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If you want to discuss your project, ask me some questions or just say hi, send me an e-mail.

Si vous souhaitez discuter de votre projet, me poser des questions ou simplement me dire bonjour, envoyez-moi un courriel.

Most common commissions:

Les commissions les plus fréquentes :

Branding | Brochures | Social Media Templates | Website | Presentations | Motion Design | Book Design & Illustration | Editorial Illustration | Illustrated Maps | 2D Animation | Characters | Workshops

NO IDEA HOW TO START YOUR BRIEF? Here is some important information to consider for your project: Number of Illustrations/Designs: Clarify the quantity of illustrations or designs required for your project. Dimensions: Specify the size and orientation of the illustrations or designs. For publishing purposes, provide details on page area, such as whether the illustration is intended to be full-page, half-page, or a 'spot' illustration. Deadline: Establish a realistic completion date for the project. This helps in planning each stage and ensures timely delivery. Context: Include relevant information about the client, such as a company website link, to provide background context. Additionally, specify how the work will be used, helping to define the purpose and target audience. Style Examples: Share examples of artwork that reflect the desired outcome. Whether clients prefer a broad or specific approach, referencing style examples aids in aligning expectations. Use: Clearly outline the type and extent of use for the designs, as well as the number of reproductions. This information is crucial for accurate quoting, considering factors like the visibility and reproduction scope of the designs.

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